William Gladwell


The Man with the Golden Mixer

Born in 1991 William is both Robbie's youngest Son and also his Protege.

From a very young age it was clear that William was going to be into music by the way he would sit and play with the HiFi in the living room for hours on end!

Fast forward to now and you can see He has well and truly followed in his Father's footsteps, Not only does he play multiple instruments and sing but he has graced many a stage with his presence over the years both with his own projects and Robbie's too.

When not playing music he can be found in our onsite Recording Studio where he is responsible for the creation of multiple songs and albums.

At the Age of 14 he recorded his First EP for a group of friends and after that he proceeded to go to College and study Music Technology where he learnt all the basics of DAW Software and other essential recording techniques.

Fluent in Pro Tools, Logic Pro & Adobe Premier with many many hours of Recording, Mixing & Mastering under his belt it's safe to say he is very much at Home during any Recording Session and the Studio wouldn't be able to function without him.