TheTechPlank VS YouTube


YouTube has taken my channel!

If you're following this link you're probably already aware that my YouTube channel TheTechPlank was suspended for what seems to be no apparent reason!

This link ( will essentially be connected to a hidden page on my fathers Business website for the time being (check out and buy some guitar stuff while you're here if you like) but will eventually be changed to reflect whatever my next move will be and where I want you to go, So keep hold of that website link and check back every now and then... But anyway to the topic at hand!

I did post a video to my other YouTube channel WillThePlank talking about what happened but the truth is I have NO IDEA how long that channel is going to stay up before it also is taken down.

As of writing this (18/12/2017) the situation is this!

According to the lady I have been speaking to at the YouTube partner Support team my account violated section 4H  '
'This section has to do with spam practices or using robots, spiders, or other automated systems to gain views, subscribers, etc.''

Now I made it clear that I have NEVER used such a thing! I never have and never will, The only change I made was promoting a video on Facebook which seems to have been what has triggered this from my research.

Right now YouTube refuse to give me anymore information than that and are choosing to keep my account terminated and they have confirmed any other channel I have is on the chopping block!

So this means I can't create, own or make money from a YouTube channel in my Name, Now I am still trying to fight this decision and try and get my channel back but there seems to be a slim chance of this happening.

I am HOWEVER NOT GIVING UP... I have a plan to continue to create content on YouTube without fear of my channel being deleted again, I probably won't ever be able to claim adsense again (but who really cares as that's not what I am a YouTuber for) so watch this space and my social media links for more updates in the new year.

I hope to be updating you all with better news soon