Julie Gladwell


The lady of Jazz

Julie worked as a fashion designer for twenty years based in London and the Far East. She spent time travelling around many a dusty factory in China and Taiwan. Visiting Korea when there was a total blackout after dark and a curfew at midnight was very strange after the neon lights of Hong Kong. Observing the hand knitting circles of Korean women in national costume huddled over log burners in the mountains above Seoul was a culture shock for this young 20 something - a long way from a guitar studio in Bulmer Suffolk!

She has had long experience in retail and has also studied furniture restoration alongside totally renovating a timber framed house.

Julie joined her husband Robbie at Dr Robert's Guitar surgery in May 2016 and has taken on the role of organising the day to day running of the workshop. She started off by building a kitchen and a new toilet (to be more girl friendly) and then went on to have a massive sort out of the workshop and stockroom to create a more user friendly space.

She is now using her design skills once again to help design a new range of guitars that combine fresh artistry with intricate technical details and features that make a truly enviable sound, along with looks to kill!

Julie is having a great time working in new and interesting ways and is looking forward to the future.