Guitar Lessons


Learning Stairway To Heaven is optional

To some the thought of learning guitar seems like a dream they will never achieve due to the misconception that they may not have natural talent and that it's a slow painstaking process that involves complicated sheets of music and high pressure from the teacher.

That HOWEVER is not true with lessons from Dr Robert!

No matter your experience with the guitar be you an absolute beginner or a seasoned player wanting to brush up on your skills we can provide lessons tailored personally for you.

With one to one lessons we can teach you to play the way you want with no ego, no high pressure expectations but instead with lots patience and lots of cups of tea!

Regardless of your age, Your style of music and what you would like to achieve from lessons we can help you realise your dreams in a stress free environment where ultimately the goal is to have fun while learning and coming away from your lessons with confidence in your new found ability.

The truth is anyone can learn to play the guitar with the right training and there is no reason why you can't be the next virtuoso!