Setup Courses


Learn how to maintain your instrument.

The guitar setup course is designed to help you maintain your instruments in top condition and to make all the necessary adjustments to them so that they play perfectly for your particular style. 

We cover in detail topics such as; fault assessment (playability etc), action adjustment, intonation, truss rod adjustment, minor fret dressing and electric guitar circuitry fault finding and repair.

 If there’s any specific aspect you’d prefer to concentrate on, such as the electrics, wiring and pickups etc., we can usually accommodate this within the one day course, but you may prefer to extend it to a two/three day course.

If you'd like to learn more, or are interested in becoming a guitar repairer, or a guitar tech, you could enrol in thefull'Guitar Repair Course' . This course is designed around your requirements and is normally of one to two weeks duration. We cover in great depth jobs such as refretting, full fret dressing and repairs and adjustments of a more serious nature (broken necks, bodies, and refinishing etc.), This Course is perfect for the serious amateur technician, or for people who wish to make a career of guitar repair and maintenance.

Courses include lunch and as much tea/coffee as you can handle!

One of the most important aspects of these Courses is that they are designed around your specific requirements and can be arranged to suit your diary - we work weekends too! We can also supply the tools needed for the job, which we can order and send to you. These are specialist tools for guitar setup and repair which are not generally available in this country. We can quote you for these according to requirements and the type of course you take. 

Full support is available after the course should you require it.

All courses are normally on a one-to-one basis, but you can bring a colleague along to share the course at a reduced fee for both of you should you wish - phone 01787 373706 or email us for a quote.